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Learning from your dreams.

Posted by Christie LaValley on 7 March, 2018 at 19:25

       For the past month-and-a-half I have been logging my dreams and then researching things that my dreams say. It's funny all the connections that I've been making especially since they're coming from my dreams. It's hard to remember dreams. It is not an easy chore. One has to wake slowly while  staying focused slowly come to your awake state. ,Yes it's difficult. Many times I write so sloppy that I can hardly read what I wrote. If I tried to take the time to write it neatly I would forget things. Remembering things is not going very good.  I've also noticed that my dreams use symbols. I  see things in the form of pictures that I can't understand. One of my dreams was about having a healing tool and  I Iost crystal piece, so I sent my grandson go find the missing piece. The shape of my broken tool was very unique. It was a half moon  with  crystal stones jutting out of the bottom and one of the stones  fell out. I asked my grandson to go find the stome  To my amazement, he came back with even a better tool. A pearl that had to Lotus wrapped around it. When  using this new tool he brought back to me if healing was happening, the Lotus would open from around the pearl. It was a beautiful tool.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I can find that amazing tool.. Who wouldn't want to know they were healing if they could? I'm sure we all would.

  So here's another dream I had, but I do not remember writing it down.  I do not remember the dream, but this is what it said. "2 hair scrapers, I divide. One hair scraper, I provide." If that isn't the strangest statement, I don't know what it is.  What is a hair scraper? Is a hair scraper a brush? Is it one of those tools that you rub your head with with all the prongs that looks like a broken wisk? Just trying to think about it, is a hair scraper itself.  Maybe that's the meaning maybe knowing that 2 divides and one provides the hair scraper in  itself.  However, in doing the research I came upon the word scepter, which very much looks like the word scraper. When looking up scepters I came up on the word Hera and since Hera was a Goddess, she did have a Lotus scepter one with two points and one with one. What could be the point of that? Why bring me to Hera, the wife of Zeus? Hera is the Goddess of fertility child-birthing marriage, but she was also a very hostile woman and often behaved badly towards Zeus's lovers.How could such a vindictive person have anything to do with that profound statement 2 divided- 1 provide?

   Another dream that I had shortly after that, showed me a scene of my grandson and I were putting this long pillar in a cart. In the middle of the pillar it had rows of circles carved into it. My grandson asked why are there donuts in the middle. Upon awakening I wrote down the dream and drew a picture of the pilla.r I had a hard time finding something similar in my research. It was next night, when I was watching TV  about some Egyptian stuff. That I saw a picture of something that look just like what I had written down. It was a djed pillar associated with the spine of a orisis.With it, I found an Ankh which is very much shaped as a brush or hair scraper. The djed is a tool that turns out to bepossibly an electrical object and its often associated with the Ankh and with the Was.  I find it very intriguing that my sleeping brain ibrought me to these items. In a meditation, the same morning I saw the Ankh again and I saw the word power and then I saw the word hour. Now is it our power or the power of the hour?  I'm not sure having to reflect on these things helps, it is  so confusing.

I did find that in logging my dreams, I work in my dreams all the time.  I hardly every ever dream of doing something fun.  No wondering I am tried all the time.  What do you dream about?  What good insights did you find?  Please share, I would love to hear it.

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