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My name is Christie LaValley and I am here to share my healiing experience with everyone.  Feel free to use my information, please just make sure you give my site credit.   May your journey be as exciting as mine.

Be good to yourself!

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winter is for learning

Posted by Christie LaValley on 27 February, 2018 at 19:50

I find winter to be a learning time for me.  I am stuck in the house and am always in search of some new things to study and learn to keep my mind busy and expanding. While on facebook one day I saw an advertisement about ancient civiliazations on Gaia TVSo since the first month is on 99 cents I joined.  Since, I purchasedGaia TV,  I have a doing a lot of watching  on the different perspective of TV. I am pretty amazed at what I have learned and what probably has been hidden from me on mainstream TV. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I have a little bit of a hard time thinkingthat so much is not taught to use or talked about on main stream tv But what I found most amazing what's the law of one

I am already a universal life Minister and my beliefs has been formed from studying many religions, going to the temples and the churches and I all have a beautiful parts, but as a whole they are not complete. But the law of one to something that I believe to be true. I do have to say watching the way in which it was channeled was strange. Not something that you think is normal. Howeve,r what is normal. I myself have something that is quite abnormal and I call it the door to my sou.l I will share that in the future, but for now I am just sharing my input on my month of study. I was searching for a better life purpose. I moved about 2 years ago and what I was doing to survive changed. Some of it because of the time span of not being able to take clients due to renovations. Some of it because I think the universe intended it that way. And I think I did too. I needed something different

Since, then I have been busy learning about gardening, about cooking naturally, about things that are good for me, and things that are bad for me. I have healed. I have dropped my foot pain amazingly. I did come to the fact, I would like to blog. But in learning about blogging, I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about. I'm not a skinny woman, so blogging about health doesn't always work for me people judge you and think if you're not skinny then you don't know what you're talking about. I do like to eat and I have a hard time moving about so I'm not as thin as I could be but I never been. I've always been a healthy heavier weight. I have suffered with psoriasis most of my life which is a hereditary disorder of the immune system.  I recently learned this because nobody ever really explained that. It wasn't until I came down with psoriatic arthritis till it was explained to me. They've known about it as long as I was alive. So why wouldn't they share that when it was just on my skin. I can tell you the reason... dermatologists don't take time with you. However, rheumatologists do. I do think some of it has to do with the fact that my rheumatologist is Asian and has more worldly studies than an American dermatologist. I still get a little confused on how you are supposed to lower your immune system to be healthier but the fact is that is what I have to do. I've always been a little superhuman when it came to getting colds and the flu. I didn't get them and or get poison ivy. I did get skin rot from the psoriasis. I am a naughty girl and I do smoke and they have connected that to psoriasis in your immune system so maybe my body is always in overdrive because I put toxins in it everyday. I wish I could quit long enough to know

Okay, I've gotten a little off track, but back to what I have learned over the last month or so. I've learned about geopathic stress. I learned about pyramids. I've always I've always been a little on the metaphysical side medicine. Especially with the door of the soul being brought into my life. I learned about things I have studied in the past and recently everything was brought together in the law of one. It was amazing to have some answers even if they did come from an entity named Ra to a person in a trance. I have learned about remembering my dreams and how to do it. Not so easy to do. I have learned to reflect on them, I have learned a greater importance of meditation, even though I still have a hard time doing it sometimes. I learned a lot about physics and geometr.y Things I never thought that I'd really understand. Being a hair dresser I do use a lot of geometry, but I do it in a way that doesn't include mathematics,  I have to say that David Wilcock on Wisdom Teachings is very good at showing proof with pictures of physics not necessarily with math. Thank you David. I learned about consciousnes.s I learned about ligh,t I learned about photons and protons and neurons and electrons.

Now, I know you're probably going okay crazy lady, you're like all over the place, but the truth is I'm not. They truly all do go together. I can't tell you how they all go together in this article, but I promise at some point in my blogging I will cover each one if you are interested. In learning some of the things I learned there are three places I can send you now. One is Gaia TV- wisdom teachings by David Wilcock. You may find him a little on the conspiracy theory side, he does pull the science together for you to understand. Another person that I really like  to find information is on YouTube, Spirit Science. There is some controversy about the founder but his information is good. Thelastperson I found very informative was Scott mandelker PhD and he is also on YouTube.

My next blog will be about geopathic stress it is something that I found very very interesting and very important for all of you to read. So please check back in. I'm going to  try to stay Focused. Maybe in about a month, maybe sooner it depends how fast I get to write it. I did a lot of research this morning, so hopefully, it won't take me that long. Please feel free to leave any comments about what you have learned recently. I can't wait to hear

What is Reiki?

Posted by Christie LaValley on 3 January, 2018 at 19:20

What is Reiki?

as interpreted by Pastor Christie LaValley, Reiki Master Teacher

In order to explain Rieki we have to look at the bigger picture. The universe is completely made out of energy. From this energy everything is create. The star, the planets, the moons, the trees, the plants, people, pets and even little one celled amoebas. Those is hard to think that the couch or chair that you are sitting on is made of the same energy that you are made of. But it is.. Science has proven that solid objects are not solid but squillions of closely dense vibrating atoms.

Every atom has two components. There's the nucleus at the center made of protons and neutrons and then there's a whole bunch of electrons whizzing around that nucleus. . However, an atom primarily lots of space with a very small nucleus and electrons of negative electricity. A chair as solid as it is, is open space and electricity. So if atoms are empty space, how does your butt even know the chair is there? Why do you not fall through As stated on npr Adam Frank explains:

The answer is as simple as it is weird. It's all just forces.

Cracking like lightning through the void, all the specks of electrons and the specks of nuclei are constantly interacting through a force called electromagnetism. Each interaction is carried out through the jolting exchange of particles of pure energy called photons (which is really just a nubbins of light). Each photon swapped equals a little push or a pull — a force — exerted across the emptiness. That's really what's keeping the stuff we call your butt from drifting through the stuff we call your chair.

So, the truth of the matter, dear friends, is there is no "solid" matter. Everything you think of as solid — tables, chairs, a '69 cherry red Ford Mustang, your child's noggin — none of it is really solid. Instead, there are only rapid-fire bursts of pure energy carrying forces between impossibly small flecks of somethingness. And all of it is lost in an atomic void as empty as intergalactic space.

Think about that the next time you plop down in a chair.

So if your child’s noggin is nothing but pure energy that came from the universe, scientifically whether proven yet or not we are a collective part of the universe. It is undeniable,even though, you are bound to question it. It is what humans do. We question things, we examine things, we doubt things, we study things, we mess with the order of things to prove its existence or to manipulate it to our advantage. However, humans tend to need to be able to see things to perceive them as truths. But as explained above an atom is small. And that is what oftens messed up our energy flow.

I can not prove to you the existence of Universal life force energy or the fact that you are able to influence it with your brain’s thoughts as part of the collective, but if these physicists are telling us the truth of their studies that we are vibrating energy made from the energy found throughout the universe,there is no reason not to believe. Even more interesting is in ancient eastern Ayurvenic Medicine Chinese Medicine, in Yoga, in religions such as Taoism.and even Christianity they have been speaking of this Universal Life Force energy by many names Prana, Chi, Qi, Ki, the light, the holy spirit which is part of a trinity of God and Jesus Christ, and Reiki .

I am not trying to commit blasphemy, I am believe I am part of God, a daughter of God, a sister to the earth and the sun. I am breath in air, I drink water. So they are part of me and I am part of them. We are collectively one. So when one is suffering from a malfunction or loss of energy which can cause disease, it is our obligation to call forth God, our universal life force, to allow us to assist our brother or sister. Being part of the collective allows us access to this. All of us.

It is believed as organic beings, we are born with the ability to renew our energy with ease. As we age, it is not as easy. Disease or death can manifest as energy decreases or does not flow correctly. The nice part is both science and religion do not believe we just cease to exist. Energy or souls move one to another plane of existence for energy and the soul can not be destroyed.. How could they both be wrong? I doubt either are.

Moving forward to Reiki … Reiki translated into English a few ways, Ghost Vaper How close to holy spirit this falls. Its earliest translation was Universal life force energy or sacred energy.

Mikao Usui was the originator of Reiki. He was born in 1865 at the beginning of the Meiji Restoration in Japan to an upper class family of high ranking of the Hatamot Sumurai.. As a youth, he studied with Tendia Buddhist Monks. He furthered his studies with everything from medicine, to history, psychology, esoteric art of divination and incantation. He traveled to Europe, America and China.

For 200 years prior to Usui birth Japan had been in isolation from the rest of the world. Usui grew up in a time of radial change and his people were lost and confused. It is known that Usui himself was troubled.

They were searching for some sort of new spiritual development.. This was Usui inspiration. He wanted to develop a system that would provide a simple method where an individual could reconnect with their innate spirituality without the constraints of any particular religion. Reiki origins come from a mixed bag of traditional beliefs and philosophies. He wanted everyone to have access to a path of enlightenment. The hands on healing that we think of today is just part of his original system, It is said that the system of Reiki came to him in a vision on Mount Kurama, a place of spiritual legend and roots in Tendia Buddhism and shinto, shugendo, samurai and martial arts.Christianity was believed to be an influence too, but only because of some similarities.

Close to a hundred and fifty years later, Reiki is now a common word associated with the laying of hands, but that is only a small part.. People who do become attuned to Reiki are known as Reiki practitioners and its practices are similar to that of yoga with mediations,the use of mantras, symbols, clean healthy living, respect of all and newer western forms of Reiki work on the chakras (our energy centers,) The main difference is as a practitioner should be attuned (awakened) to the energy through a teacher. Once attuned the practitioner has more accessibility to the innate part of their being and can use their connectedness to the universal life force energy to help heal others with the laying of hands, intentions or through meditatiion as well as healing themselves The Reiki system is a beautiful gift of intention and connectedness

I hope this article gives you a basic understanding of how Reiki works, how it came to be, and the intentions of the system of Reiki. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will do the best I can to answer it.